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Ge dina platsannonser liv med Monster Studios

Vi lanserar en app för videoredigering

Ge dina platsannonser liv med Monster Studios

Did you know that 80% of all internet traffic today is moving material *? In recruitment processes today, we therefore need to increase the amount of videos in order to hang in the fast turns digital. Monster leads the development of launching a very user-friendly app; Monster Studios.

What is Monster Studios?

The app allows you to record, edit and publish video clips in a few minutes to complement your classifieds.

In this way, you can easily humanize the recruitment process and give your employer brand and corporate culture a natural place to be seen, without having to produce a lavish and resource-intensive film. According to a study by the American Forrester Research Institute, the effect of moving material is striking; one minute of explanatory video corresponds to up to 1.8 million written down words. This means that a job ad containing video will inevitably attract more attention than a regular text ad. At the same time, candidates get a more authentic and credible impression of the company, there are real people behind the scenes.

Candidates value openness

Today, we are accustomed to great transparency in many parts of society, although it is often difficult to gain insight into different companies’ departments, values ​​and, not least, culture. Workers attach great importance to open communication, according to Monster’s survey Recruitment trends 2019 in collaboration with the University of Bamberg. Nearly 45 percent of the surveyed employees in the study valued transparency within a company that was desirable and important.

Save thousands of dollars a year

In addition to helping candidates understand their possible future duties and getting to know organizations in a more personal way, this user-friendly app can almost revolutionize the recruitment market. You no longer need to spend large parts of the budget on expensive video editing tools or agencies that will produce grandiose concepts. These movie clips can also be experienced as very reworked and fixed. But job seekers do not want to see reality as a dream scenario – they want to see it as it actually is.

Can it really be that simple?

The benefits of having video as a complement to your recruitment are thus obvious. But how do you work with Monster Studios? You actually need nothing more than your smartphone to record. However, if you want the best results, we recommend a tripod. All that is required is three simple steps.

  1. First of all: record
    Write a short script and upload it in the app, the text will scroll on the screen so you can easily read while talking. Thanks to the built-in teleprompter, you never lose the wire and it will not be so scary to film yourself. To start recording, press the camera icon in the right corner. Then the countdown begins: ”3 … 2 … 1 …”
  2.  Edit the clip
    Have you recorded a clip that you are happy with? Then you can make some improvements before publishing, such as adding a logo, subtitles or other movie clips and pictures. We also recommend a cover image for maximum effect.
  3. Publish on Monster
    Now the video is ready to complement your regular job post. When the video is uploaded you will find it in your library. Select your video and then press ”Publish on Monster”. Search for the desired job advertisement and click on it. Easier than that, it can’t be.

Best tips for getting started

  • Keep your mobile phone while recording
  • Think of the lighting, strong backlight makes it more difficult to see you
  • Avoid emergency exit signs or other disturbing elements such as messy spaces
  • Don’t go while filming
  • The video becomes more personal and more authentic if you are a little spontaneous and dare to test
  • Don’t talk too much about your brand – the focus should only be on the service and information that is important to the candidate
  • Practice several times before recording so you feel comfortable in front of the camera

Have fun with Monster Studios!

* Monster’s candidate survey